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[GET] 20 +1’s to your link

I’ve gained a lot looking, learning and asking around here and have decided to give a little back.

I own a big G+ community and will share your link there naturally. I’m sure you will get 20 +1’s atleast and a few more naturally. I am chilling at the moment so I will do this for:
1. The first 10 (If I’m in the mood, I will do this for more.)
2. 1 link per person
3. Guarantee 20 +1’s but you will get a few more since this is natural and people may share a few times.
4. Please post a message here and then PM me the link since I’m sure you don’t want it to be seen publicly.

I’m sure you thanking or +repping me won’t hurt you in anyway so feel free. Lets GO!

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