[GUIDE] PPD For Begginers


PPD or Pay Per Download is an online advertising model where you will get paid for every YOUR file downloaded by other persons.

The download is carried out by the everyday user who is viewing or has been sent to the file. Typically speaking the networks will only pay when the action of their choice has been fulfilled. The action itself can vastly vary, depending on what advertisers on specific networks are trying to gather. Usually it will be some sort of data, for example email or zip addresses, purchasing product using cell phone or credit card, completing survey, etc.
Email or zip submits are most common actions within the model but not the only ones. These advertisements or forms are better known as „offers“ within the industry. It is up to you to get traffic to the file.
Once an action is completed and file downloaded it is commonly known as a conversion and you will be paid your commission upon the offer converting and file downloading. You can pretty much find offers about anything.
PPD marketers have many options on how to gain offers but most common and easiest is to apply for a PPD network. …read more

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