Few common questions?

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21 thoughts on “Few common questions?

  1. mrankinmatt

    i mean, if i ask them few questions, are they allowed to answer me at all? or do they just hand out watchtower?
    edit>yamster wanted this into the Lesbian, gay, transgendered section, srsly

  2. Cliffy N

    I am about to graduate college (with a CIS degree) this may and I am looking for an entry level development position. I have a technical interview coming up so I am curious what some of the common questions asked during this so I can be more prepared. Thanks!

  3. Duke

    I am sorry, got a few more questions. what can I do to keep the underwater plants healthy, without having to seperate it from my goldfish? Thank you so much.

  4. Wooooody

    I have answered a few questions and a few of them had answers like “this is a trill question”. But i do not know what one is

  5. Jesse

    Basically i’ve been doing a few questions and they keep getting for no reason. Does anyone know why this is please?

    Thankyou x

  6. ericmreitz

    I’ve posted a few questions about her inappropriate unination and a lot of the answers involved the fact that she may have a urinary tract infection. I’m scheduling an appointment for her to see the vet next week but I was curious if there were other signs I could look for.

  7. sam N

    i know this is a very common question – but i’ve been biting my nails for the past 5+ years, i feel as though i’ve tried anything. Has anyone managed to stop this bad habit?

  8. jordenkotor

    I would like to know ASAP the 100 most common questions asked by people when they visit or want to know about a country… can someone please help… thank you

  9. Agent 47

    I need to write an essay on questions people commonly ask, dont need answers, just questions about the topic above. Its harder then it sounds.

  10. Joe M

    what would people like to know about going green or what could i do to ensure that people know everything about going green what are some common questions that i would have to answer?

  11. kewlflame14

    So this is a common question in a job interview. I am applying for a call centre job and I have worked in a supermarket for the past few years. What is a good story I can tell of how I have demonstrated Customer Service skills? Any ideas…?

  12. nasty1

    Six friends and I are touring a few homes to consider renting for next year in college. What are common questions about safety features, carpet, cleanings, etc we should ask?

  13. apleaforbrandon

    The most common question I see is pregnancy questions. I do think I have ever logged in and not seen a few of those. ‘Could I be pregnant? How am I supposed to know?” What about you?

  14. Franklin Bluth

    I asked some questions few minutes back regarding g to save Energy by making some novel ideas, I wanted to know the global opinions. How many reply has been received so far. Please let me know.

  15. Noe R

    Seeing as I’ve read quite a few questions/answers by guys who seemed so adverse to the whole institution of marriage who think it just keeps them from banging whatever chick they please at any given time, do any of the guys on here actually WANT to settle down?

  16. liza

    What are the questions that get asked over and over? Does anyone ever “search” for answers before posing a question?

  17. Balla

    This may be a common question, but I’m asking myself. Well I’m writing a story, it’s pretty obvious, but I’d like a little advice from someone in their own point of view of how to begin a story. Thank you anways! 😀

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