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Yet again, this is a Simple method to make money online writing articles.
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This is a website i discover that can really ensure anyone who is willing to write online to earn some extra cash. There are lots of legit websites where you can get paid to write articles online. But is different, you don’t get paid specifically for each article, but rather you will earn as visitors view your articles, make comment on your articles and also like or dislike your article.

This works just like, where you get paid per 1000 impression. Now this is not going to make you rich, but it is the surest way I know that anyone can use to earn online writing articles.

You don’t need to wait for Net30 before you can withdraw your earnings you get paid almost instantly the moment you reach payout.
The minimum payout for Bubblews publishers is $25.

What Type of Contents do Bubblews accept?
You can write about anything, you can write about Dog Training, Shopping, Beautiful, Politics, you can write virtually on any topic, but the article must be unique and not reproduce anywhere else. This means, you can’t copy articles from other websites and paste it on

Is Scam?
Absolutely No! You can confidently write for them and be rest assure that you will receive royalties for your articles, months after months. Payment Proofs?
There are lots of payment proofs in bubblews website, and also i receive mine via cheque, although the next payment, i will opt for paypal, then i will upload my payment proof.

How To Withdraw My Earnings from
The minimum payout is $25 and when you reach this amount, you are eligible to redeem your money, you can chose to get paid via Check, Paypal etc.

This is an easy way to earn $10 Daily without owing a website.
The articles can be 200 words plus.
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