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Make Money From Linkbucks Using Traffic Exchange

Put your / / Linkbucks or any other link on AUHITS.COM traffic exchange system.

It Automatically Distribute Earned Credits! Surfing rates UpTo 1:10

After you register
1. Login >
2. Add Site/ Link
3. Add Coins(Points)
4. Earn credits > AuTo-Surfing > To Earn Credits You Must Let Both Pages Open, You Will Earn upto 10 Credits By surf sites.

Any further questions, send me private message.

Put as many sites you want.

Sometimes the message “Your surf window was closed. Please start surfing bar again.” apears, so i just install a tab refresh addon. In Firefox with the Reload Every addon. . You can use any browser with he same option; Chrome with a tab reload addon or opera that does not need addon.

Notice: to system work, 2 tabs need to be open.

Payout Rates:
Adfly / (USA)
$6.06 CPM / $6.50 CPM

So Start Money Making Now.
Register At AUHITS.COM

Happy Surfing