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My 1st Journey to $145/day with YouTube & Adsense

Hello everyone,

After reading some success stories, and journey threads I decided to start my own.

My skill set:
Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop – my mane source of income now.
Good knowledge in photography.
Wordpress & some work with templates for it.

After shooting a spec commercial and uploading it to youtube I earned my first $100 with Adsence, and that is where I decided to explore the field.

I did my research here in 2014 and don’t remember a thing, but today on a coffee brake I decided to revise the forum, and have a topic in mind that I want to explore through youtube videos.

1 – Open a new youtube channel, since all the video are going to be done from scratch
2 – Link it to my Absense
3 – Make a Logo
4 – Make a Header
5 – Fill in info text

A – Upload 2-3 videos a week
B – Keep updating this post
C – Learn more about youtube seo and use it.

(Everything that I did I will describe in here.)

Today is December 10, 2015 – and I start from scratch!

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