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Wife and I need help please

Please help

My wife and I have been self employed since our early twenties. We have two daughters, 10 and 12. I have a father who is living with untreatable cancer and a recent quadruple bypass.

We work our assess off daily in our retail store. We struggle to sell products from our store online. We know how to work hard and smart when we remember too.

Recently our market has been flooded by competitors. We are finding despite our best efforts, we have to work even harder to maintain and we are losing ground. My daughters rarely get to spend time with us, my father is still having to work to keep his insurance even though his health is bad.

I need to do something about this. I’ve been reading and watch everything I can about making money online. There is a lot of options, overwhelmingly so. Things are getting hard to make ends meet, and before it gets worse I’d like to get something solid in place as a safety net. My family is suffering and we need a change.

Please, can someone direct me on how to do this properly to create recurring passive income. …read more