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[New Method] Make 150-250$ a week using fresh content from Reddit and Twitter

First time I post, I want to give back to you guys for all the posts you do yourselves.
This method is very easy, it uses a web scraper to take funny and insightful reddit posts from different subreddits (that you can choose) and posts them to twitter for you, no involvment required.

To do this:
Make a Twitter account and connect it to a twitter app (very easy takes 5 minutes) in order to get your authentication codes and tokens from twitter API.

Setup a scraper of your choice ( I use ww2.reddittwitterbot.cum) (change the 2 for a w and the u for an o) with the subreddit of your choice. Choose one that people will be interested in or find funny and make your account on that topic. (for example shittyaskscience) Configure the length of your posts and whether you want certain words filtered out (you dont want to be tweeting about things unrelated to your twitter page). You can also use this to choose how often you want to tweet, I made it every hour or so.

Use a chrome extension such as Twitter Follower to follow and unfollow large amounts of people daily, up to a maximum of 1 …read more