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[METHOD] Earn $$$ with CPA or PPD

I was doing PPD before and I had luck with Fake stuff. I just quit, because I don’t feel good if I scam people. If you have nothing against fake files, then read this thread.

Let’s say that you want to work with PPD.
[ It really doesen’t matter if you will choose PPD or CPA. I just want to mention that CPAGrip has very nice customizable landing pages. It is so easy to make your own landing page, so that may give you better earnings. As I wrote, I will write about PPD, but you can use this method with CPA, since there is no difference. ]
And yes, you don’t have nothing against promoting fake files – since you will really have hard times if you go with real files, they just won’t convert that easy.

Now if you are clear with a fake niche, you can jump into some PPD network.
You can go with Sharecash since it is trusted PPD company.
Register, you will get approved immediately [ I think that there is automatic approval, but a long time ago I was working PPD so I don’t really remember that good ]
You are ready to start promoting …read more