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Making money on twitter

What’s the point?

Why bother?

You’re wasting your time.

Sayings I used to hear quite a bit when I first started growth hacking on twitter.

I remember telling people that I would spend an hour EVERY day (even on weekends) building up my network.
Started off with 1 account and 1,000 followers and now its 30 accounts with well over 500,000 followers.
This wasn’t done over a month, it took me a year, 365 days consistently working on my accounts.
The problem with some people is they always look at the smaller picture,
the smaller picture was this – I’m spending 7 hours a week for a month and had ONLY accumulated
1,000 followers. Yes they were right BUT I always looked at the bigger picture, which was if I stayed
consistent then in a years time I COULD have 250,000 followers. I doubled that.

So what can you do with over 500,000 followers on twitter?

Good question.

I can use it for personal gains, be it from selling my own illustrations to helping out good causes.
It’s an amazing feeling to be able to create engagement at the push of the button and the best part…it cost’s me nothing.

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