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Extracting Emails for PPD, Affiliate, adf etc method

First thread, pls don’t kill me if this is in wrong section : (

Sometimes you create a new website and want to promote it but usually it comes at a cost. Or you just want to promote your PPD, adfly, affiliate links.. Most of the time investment is needed, like getting thousands of twitter followers, thousands of facebook likes and whatnot to get the word out. But not anymore, this little method will get you thousands of emails in a matter of minutes so you can email people about your website or product and start making that money. You can also just create a CSV file of those emails and export them to Facebook. This will send thousands of friend request all at once!

For this method you DON’T need any of this:
– Technical knowledge
– Investment.
– Lots of time.
– Effort

What you need:
– Web browser
– Internet
– Adobe reader(To read the ebook lol)

What you will get:
– Complete step by step guide – Pictures included for noobs
– Learn to get thousands of email in matter of minutes.
– Have them separated by commas
– Bonus tip to get only fresh emails

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