how to make money when your new online.

intro, ignore if you want

Hey guys, i’m here to show you how to make money when your new online. Making money online does not have to be hard, it can be easy in fact.
I know it seems hard when your new to make money but i promise you , it is but its so easy once you get it. The first step is to not give up no matter how stupid you think your niche is .

starting niche
A good starting niche would be something easy like health,I’m not going to lie and say i’m making 1000’s of dollars a week online , i only know how to make 50$ a week online ,but i’m still new so i will improve soon.
I know all the tricks but for one i don’t have time and two i still need to learn seo more and for three i’m still in school and cant fail my classes.

how to start
making money online takes time it does not happen over night. Anyone who says that is just trying make money or making money . This trick works on a lot of people and they end up spending …read more

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