Monthly Archives: April 2016

SEO Reselling

I’ll get straight to the point.

The recent jr.VIP hunger games inspired me to jump into SEO reselling. I had bought a domain, formed an LLC, and grabbed the social properties a few months back but got side tracked with my current projects. I’ve since automated some of them and now have some time to focus on this.

I also recently picked up:

  • Scrapebox (scrape business phone #’s, and I’m sure other things)
  • Ranktracker (send automated reports to clients)
  • Freshbooks (invoicing)
  • Zendesk (support tickets)

I have a few questions that some more experienced people may be able to help me with:

What SEO packages and offers would you combine from the marketplace here and resell? (What is necessary and what is fluff?)

I’m not interested in doing the SEO work myself. I’d like to focus on maintaining the site I resell the services from, making cold calls/walk-ins to sell businesses, paid advertising, and most importantly, customer support.

Ideally, I’d like to sell them on a predefined, monthly recurring seo package, have them pay me upfront, and then use that money to buy the services here (or elsewhere).

Some marketplace threads I believe are good:…samples-l.html…-sale-now.html

I …read more