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Where to sell porn videos? (2015)

First of all, sorry for my bad english.

Maybe this topic has already been discussed here, but here are “special circumstances”

I need sell some porn videos of my property.

What I have:

– Cheap and cute models.
– A nice location for films scenes (a entire house)
– Equipament for record scenes (cameras, ilumination…)

How can I make money with this?
I want a safe method for do money with that. I was thinking in sell porn videos in clips4sale or websites of that style, but I need do fast money, I don’t want to wait 3-4 month to do a big store. I need some money for my project, not a lot. I would make an “instant selling” of my content to anyone person, website or studio.

Posible opinion:
– Open a website, dude, and charge for membership = I would like to do that, but is a lot of hardwork and take a lot of time to become a consolidated studio.

I have the all necessary things to make porn videos, but not to monetize.

Would appreciate any help…

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