Monthly Archives: February 2015

My site isn’t ranked on Google, please help.

So basically I have a blogger site as a throwaway trying to target a PPD niche that is popular but doesn’t have a lot of competition. The search results usually show 1 million or less results. I’ve already made $5 making a YouTube video targeting the PPD niche but now the video is flagged by competition I guess.

Anyway I made the Blogger site, put the content up, added all the PPD links and made the site look good. I threw in 10k GSA backlinks and it worked as I received a high spike in traffic, 600 in one day as opposed to 30 views I used to get. Now I’m back to square one getting around 20 views and converting 1 download a day. $1 a day on average.

I check my site on Google though but it isn’t showing. It only shows the backlinks. Have I done anything wrong?

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