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Legit Dating Site + How Would You Monetize It?

I’ve got a site in dating niche atm getting about 1600 UV’s and 11k Page views per month purely from organic search. With some additional SEO on my part I could quadruple this probably within a week.

I primarily wanted to advertise clickbank products however I am skeptical of the conversions I’d get because a lot of the queries are informational (ie; “what can I say to make a girl horny”) And also since its dating related a lot of traffic could be broke 13-21 year olds as well.

So I was thinking writing an ebook for getting laid/whatever, sticking it in each article “0$ ebook that will get you laid”.Then linking them to a mini sales page where I further hype it + testimonials to get them really wanting to download it. Then use a content locker.

Now I am fairly certain this would get a high download rate due to the desperation of the niche and the hype. However, realistically I am wondering what kind of earnings are achievable from this with something like adworkmedia, this niche, and the traffic specified above?

I know it can vary dramatically but if its not even gonna make …read more