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Wait, so is this a possibility, or?

Let’s say someone were to RAT a few PC’s using VPN, or VPS.
Then they were to use remote access to take a look at their password on whatever internet browser they use,
Use their paypal through the remote access to purchase bitcoins (there IS a way to do this)
At this point, the cash flow would lose trace.
Then you trade off the bitcoin and launder it.

The person pulls a chargeback because it’s obviously fraud but you still take the bitcoins?

Assuming you do this with, let’s say $20 at a time, and securely with an IP spoofer,
this is a possibility isn’t it?

any 12 year old could go find darkcomet research vpns find a good bulletproof one and do this.
please tell me there’s a flaw in this logic because if this is true, then.. sad, to say the least.

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